About Me –

So the purpose of this I’m not really sure yet, maybe I’ll know by the bottom?

 I plan this to be my running diary and something I can look back at and anyone else who might be interested.

Let’s do a super fast catch up.

 I’m now 33, I started running 3 years ago when my daughter was born as I was determined not be a fat dad. 

Three years ago I smoked 10-20 cigarettes a day, I weighed in at over 15 stone (and I was getting bigger)  I new something  had to change. Currently weight 12stone 4lbs.

I started to jog, after a year of running 10-20km a month I decided to enter my first Marathon, the Edinburgh marathon in May 2015, what a bloody idiot.

I finished it and hated every second (4hrs 17).

Joined PFRAC – Penistone, in July 2015, (made some good friends).

Entered another Marathon, London in April 2016, hated every second (3hrs 44).

Proudest moment of 2016 – finishing the International Snowdon Mountain Race, Epic !!!

Biggest achievements in running so far 5km 19min 21sec, 10km 39:50, Half Marathon 89:13. All within the last two months.

I’m obsessed, and other than Marathons I love this sport from the endorphins to the great friends you make. 

I’m going to blog my future adventures, from training runs to races, share my daily struggles of fitting in a full time job, a loving family and running as much as I can. (Violins out)

Let’s see where this goes…..

So what next?
Wilmslow 10km – Sunday

Trigger 2017…….


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