Wilmslow – Trigger

Higher Shelf Trig – 27th November 2016
I entered the Wilmslow 10km (4th Dec) after I smashed my 10km PB at Cusworth by 4 minutes. 39:50

I was feeling great, and thought maybe I can break 39 minutes , well why not? I did try to enter Percy Pud but after 3 hours of trying and it’s systems crashing, I just really couldn’t be arsed with the over hyped Xmas Pud.

Since entering my mojo & training has gone a little backwards for various reasons, so now it’s all for the goody bag.

Over the last three months I have developed as a runner (with help from running friends)  I now feel I know how to race in a more intelligent way, and this has been one of the main reasons for my recent PB’s.

The plan for Wilmslow is to race….and smart, let’s see what happens, expectations for a PB are non excistant, but I’ll turn up and try beat as many people as I can.

So I’ll see you Sunday morning in South Manchester.

My new focus is the TRIGGER……

About 22-25 miles depending on your Navigation. Its a route that takes you from Marsden to Edale, touching three Trig points at Black Hill, Higher Shelf and Kinder Low and in the middle of January.

Well it all sounds a bit Crazy, and I have heard / know the weather can be even worse, the race is over some of the wildest terrain in Yorkshire & Derbyshire, arguably the U.K..

My longest fell race was the Kinder Trog, this year at only 16 miles, so this really is a next step up the endurance ladder for me.

I need to be prepared. 

Which involves partial recces of the route over winter, to have a feel of where I’m going as this will really help me mentally and time wise on the day.

I also need to increase my training and build my endurance, I have 6 weeks , I’m hoping my 1700 miles banked for 2016 will hold me in good stead.

It’s likely I will be 5 hours plus on my feet on race day in freezing conditions, how do I get myself ready for this?

27th November – Sunday just gone.

I did my first recce of part of the route from Crowden to Snake pass. About 5 miles, but 12 miles out and back on the route I had planned.

This was the first time ever I wasn’t following an experienced fell runner from the club. So I really needed my map & compass and a bit of forward planning.

Wow well most of the route was straight forward. Myself and JT set off from crowden car park, knowing we had to go up something called Lawrence edge, then head over bleaklow and head for Higher Shelf Trig.

Lawrence edge – well I forgot my rock climbing gear, it was definitely an EDGE. No running involved,  Just climbing……

You hit the top and BANG Mother Nature arrives, the air drops, the bogs appear and there’s still great piles of snow.

So out popped my compass I made a line nothing really to aim at just a South bearing towards Higher shelf, I kept Holm Moss Mast on my back and just kept running in and out of holes, bogs, troughs (not sure what there called) and we made it to wainstones, took some standard fell running travels pics and took a good line to higher shelf. 

It was good fun, we even had a pit stop at the old overexposed crash site, haunting place but worth a visit.

Trotted all the way back on the PW.

Passed Woodhead Mountain rescue doing an exercise down torside said hello to Brent, discussed how conditions were good today and he warned me how bad it can get on race day.

Got to the TPT. We had been 3 hours on our feet by this time so ready for home, happily jogging back to the car when I see two chavs walking a staffy and a Rottweiler off their leads.

I walk so they don’t see me as a threat./ treat.


Got nibbled by the staffy. Great!!! Ripped my tights. Fuming….

Had a Tetanus jab. All is okay ๐Ÿ™‚

And now I sit and wait for Wilmslow ๐Ÿ™‚


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