Wilmslow 10km (39:57)

Frosty Morning Wilmslow 4th December 2016
Alarm was set for 6am. 

I woke up and got myself dressed and ready to go to south Manchester my butt cheeks hurt from doing hills over the last week so I get the roller on them before I go.

Laura & Nirvana decided to stop at home as Nirvana wasn’t feeling great.

Good Job really as the journey wasn’t great – got to the Flouch roundabout to head over woodhead, incident response team there blocking road, ask guy if I can get back on at Windle Edge (Dunford) he says yeah should be fine. (Liar)

 I detour to find emergency lights flashing, a lorry stuck in a ditch and being told to turn around again, by this time I’m thinking shall I just go home and call it a day, I like to get to races early to give plenty of time to warm up etc so feeling a little stressed with situation not great race prep.

I detour this time towards Holmfirth and over Holme moss. No issues this time and I get a clear run to Wilmslow.

-2C on the car as I’m guided into a car park by a Marshall, still 35 min to race start so all the panic was for nothing, my only issue now is picking up my number, finding a toilet and keeping warm. 

271 – my number says Damien Marc above it as the lady passes me it and calls me Damien Marc as if it’s all my first name, now I have thoughts of what if my results don’t show on run Britain as they have me registered as Damien Marc instead of Damien. 

Thought disappears quickly as I strip down to my vest and jog about Wilmslow in freezing conditions. 

I look for Jonathan (PFRAC) as we said we would run together to help with pacing.

 JB was after his first Sub 40 (more than capable).  I said to him last week if you beat me you’ll get sub 40, he wasn’t feeling confident but I know from looking at his recent races it was in the bag. 

I also told JB that this will be the last time he ever beats me so to enjoy it :). (My over confidence usually comes back to bite me).

I spot Keith of BAC as I am doing strides down from the start, we exchange well wishes and discuss the elite athletes and that there will be some fast times today, I tell him I’ve been a bit slack with training last 2 months and I’ll be happy with 40:00 min.

To the start, I stand with JB – we are possibly a bit too far back and discuss we might have a bit of traffic to get through. 

We were right the first mile we run together – mounting pavements and grass to get around people. (Wasting energy) the plan in my head was to keep my AVG pace around 6:27pm and try to get progressive as we move through each mile.

Myself & JB are overtaking and pace increasing as planned we reach the 5km timing mats I cross it look at my watch 19:36 I’m feeling comfortable (on for a unexpected PB).

Another mile passes mile 4, average pace now 6:24 still on for PB, still running together as team PENISTONE. 

The route seems to be all uphill now, maybe I’m seeing things as the profile only had 84ft of climb, JB starts to pull away from me very slowly. 

I start thinking about my breathing, which isn’t a good thing, I have recently had issues with Anxiety and I get this horrible drowning feeling that I can’t get a full lung of air (it’s in my head but in the moment it’s hard to go back to normal breathing)… it’s started can’t think about anything else now and JB is pulling away (happy for him) as I know he’s going to get Sub 40 unless he totally bonks.

6:36 mile 5, average pace still on for PB, but my heads gone 😦 JB is a good 20 seconds in front now and I still see this mirage of uphill. 

So I do my maths and settle for 40:00 min as I planned.

I turn a bend see 200 metres to go I can see the finish it’s still ticking in the 39’s I see JB cross the line, I can still go Sub 40:00, at this point I’m pissed with myself for giving in I do one last push.

39:57 – pretty happy with that.

I congratulate JB & KL. 

Run back the 1.2 mile to the car.

A great event, cheap, flat (although felt hilly today) and excellent chip timing. Must be the run up Trooper Lane Friday.

Now it’s back to Marcothon – serious training and the Trigger. 


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